Thursday, November 22, 2007

Paper Trilobites

Trilobites have inspired humans to find new ways to comprehend and appreciate the amazing beauty of their forms. Some have chosen paint, but others have used paper to covey their compelling curiosity about these complex creatures. No one can contest the striking beauty of "Trilobite: Terataspis grandis" by Tiffany Miller. Her skillfully executed paper sculpture shows an in depth comprehension of her subject.

Playful exploration of the fossil world is possible with this do-it-yourself paper model from the Australian Geological Survey Association(above). Patience and precision are required to complete the complex folds needed to construct a paper trilobite such as the one below. It takes a devoted designer and enthusiastic creators to bring a life form from the ancient past into our world with just a single sheet of creased paper.


This paper mache trilobite is another playful example of our lasting fascination with these incredible arthropods, and our unceasing desire to bring their astonishing beauty into our lives.

A series of paper trilobite models is available for download allowing anyone to build more than twenty different types of trilobite and also a horseshoe crab. Why stop at only one of each type? Why not create a healthy swarm of paper trilobites?