Saturday, June 12, 2010

Trilobites at False Creek

These casted cement trilobites are part of a public art installation on False Creek in Vancouver BC Canada. Humans continue to be fascinated by trilobites and are sometimes inspired to include them in recreational settings, as an inspiration for the soul and for imagination. They seem to remind us of the fleeting nature of life on Earth, as though entreating us to enjoy our short time on this planet spinning through time and space. No wonder artists create trilobites where none exist.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Amazing Olenoides!

Presented here is a work of staggering detail and beauty, a meticulous tribute to the diversity of life that once thrived in Earth's oceans, hundreds of millions of years ago. This depiction of Olenoides serratus was brought into existence by human hands, though in aspect it looks as though it could be graphically rendered by computer.

Incredibly, this is not the work of someone trained as a paleontologist, though none can dispute Leif Beckmann's keen eye and amazing talent for reconstruction. Over the period of one year, a master was sculpted, cast in resin with silicon moulds, and painstakingly assembled and coloured. Leif's sculptural explorations have also lead him to tackle Ammonite reconstruction with amazing results. A look his photo stream on Flickr will reveal the incredible skill and extensive work involved in these works' fabrication. What other amazing creatures will be brought to life by this master? Only time will tell.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Jud Turner's Newest Trilobite

Here's one of Jud Turner's latest trilobite-inspired creations, "Trilo-femoral-mechnicus". It is another beautiful example of one man's obsession with those mysterious creatures from deep time. Impressively, Jud takes our planet's ancient past and propells it into the future, and the result is both staggering and sublime.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

More Trilobite Sculptors

Trilobite Me in Orange

Trilobites' power as a tool for inspiration is on the increase, if the growing number of people creating their own trilobite effigies is any indication. More and more often, the visual pleasure of trilobites' architectural symmetry spreads into the lives and repertoires of artists of all ages.


For some artists, this work is serious business, while for others the creation of a trilobite is an act of exploration and play. What strange curiosity guides the human hand to revisit the vanished creatures from the depths of the seas of our ancient world?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Ernst Haekel at The Trilobite Show

The beautiful trilobites of Ernst Haekel are the most recent addition to the increasingly amazing online exhibit called The Trilobite Show. This site is the collaborative curatorial effort of Michel Gagne and myself, both avid trilobite enthusiasts, and was created to showcase the most compelling trilobite images we've found or created. So for there are seven galleries of photos, sculptures, drawings and etchings from throughout the ages, and now the trilobites of Ernst Haekel, the German scientist, philosopher and artist featured previously at triloblog. His are some of the most stunning trilobite images ever created.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Triloblog and Jud Turner at

Triloblog and the art of Jud Turner have been featured at the website of my good friend Michel Gagne. Michel's article points to an additional feature of Jud's sculptures as part of The Trilobite Show, an ongoing collaboration between Michel and myself, showcasing some of the most compelling trilobite art and artists from the ages including the masterful etchings of Jaochim Barrande, and the incredible photography of Peter Cameron. The Trilobite Show is shaping up to be a truly stellar collection of trilobite imagery, and continues to develope it's unique character. Take some time to enjoy it!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Jud Turner's Cybernetic Trilobites

I'm not the only one fascinated by trilobites, nor am I the only person ever to attempt to bring these long-extinct arthropods back from their world and into ours. Though it's doubtful that any one without a functioning time machine will ever see a living trilobite, people like Jud Turner are compelled to produce trilobites in effigy. As with all creative endeavours, the stimulus of the natural world becomes infused the artist's idiosyncrasies creating the synergy that is artistic expression. In Turner's case, paleontology melds with cybernetics and the steampunk aesthetic, resulting in compelling and beautiful monuments to our planet's past and future.

The symmetry and elegance of trilobite form is effortlessly amalgamated with iron's abrupt coarseness and durability and the results are stunning. Jud's combination of technological, paleontological and imaginative elements brings us a fresh take on sculptures of life from the ancient Earth.