Monday, January 18, 2010

Amazing Olenoides!

Presented here is a work of staggering detail and beauty, a meticulous tribute to the diversity of life that once thrived in Earth's oceans, hundreds of millions of years ago. This depiction of Olenoides serratus was brought into existence by human hands, though in aspect it looks as though it could be graphically rendered by computer.

Incredibly, this is not the work of someone trained as a paleontologist, though none can dispute Leif Beckmann's keen eye and amazing talent for reconstruction. Over the period of one year, a master was sculpted, cast in resin with silicon moulds, and painstakingly assembled and coloured. Leif's sculptural explorations have also lead him to tackle Ammonite reconstruction with amazing results. A look his photo stream on Flickr will reveal the incredible skill and extensive work involved in these works' fabrication. What other amazing creatures will be brought to life by this master? Only time will tell.