Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sometimes I Make Trilobites

Okay, I confess, my personal interest in trilobites extends beyond passive observation. Sometimes I make trilobites of varying degrees of paleontological accuracy. The creation above was commissioned by my friend who wanted something that was not necessarily a representation of any actual trilobite fossil, so this is what I made for him.


I've also made some attempts at creating speculative visions of trilobites as they may have appeared while they were living millions of years ago, as well as enlarged versions of fossilized trilobites. Many of these sculptures form part of The Trilobite Show, an online exhibit created in collaboration between myself and multidisciplinary artist Michel Gagne.


Most of my sculptures are created using hand made wire armatures to give them structural support beyond that afforded by the polymers used in the sculpting process. The armatures inside the trilobites I've created are highly elaborate themselves, and some seem to have their own vitality.

These works can take anywhere from a three to seventy hours to complete, depending on their complexity and accuracy. So now you know the truth. Sometimes I make trilobites.

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Faye Retinioti said...

your work is wonderful! i just made my first trilobite, but well, i need more practice! lol
what materials do you use for these models? cernit is all i have and i guess it is not the best.. keep up the good work! :)