Friday, January 30, 2009

Jud Turner's Cybernetic Trilobites

I'm not the only one fascinated by trilobites, nor am I the only person ever to attempt to bring these long-extinct arthropods back from their world and into ours. Though it's doubtful that any one without a functioning time machine will ever see a living trilobite, people like Jud Turner are compelled to produce trilobites in effigy. As with all creative endeavours, the stimulus of the natural world becomes infused the artist's idiosyncrasies creating the synergy that is artistic expression. In Turner's case, paleontology melds with cybernetics and the steampunk aesthetic, resulting in compelling and beautiful monuments to our planet's past and future.

The symmetry and elegance of trilobite form is effortlessly amalgamated with iron's abrupt coarseness and durability and the results are stunning. Jud's combination of technological, paleontological and imaginative elements brings us a fresh take on sculptures of life from the ancient Earth.

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Anonymous said...

Wow they're so neat, it would be pretty cool to see a living trilobite, shame I don't have a time machine.