Saturday, August 9, 2008

Steampunk Trilobites

The term "Steampunk" refers to a science fiction subgenre and its accompanying aesthetic. Characterized by the stories of H G Wells and Jules Verne, advanced technologies like computers or atomic energy appear in the Victorian era, itself a time of significant scientific advancement. Fields like Geology and Paleontology newly informed the public consciousness about concepts like evolution. Naturally, trilobites are a great symbol of the anachronistic and scientific spirit of steampunk, and they have begun to emerge in artworks celebrating the phenomena.

This beautiful Silver Clockwork and Trilobite Bracelet by Chaoticly Creative .com captures the often whimsical nature of steampunk. Devotees of the genre pride themselves on their creativity, and they seem compelled to create their own tecno-Victorian worlds, complete with accompanying costumes and jewelry. Sometimes, they even make their own steam powered robot trilobite!

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