Friday, May 23, 2008

Trilobite Hut

The diversity of human creativity is as unpredictable as it is complex. People continue to find new ways to express their devotion to exploring and understanding the vanished world of the trilobite. One such example of unique artistic expression is the work on display at the Trilobite Hut; a showcase of the imaginative explorations of the invertebrate and paleontological realm by Laura Passow.

Using a Viking era technique of fabrication called naalbinding, trilobites and their contemporaries are brought to life once again. Extinct cephalopods, eurypterids, and primitive fish join the ranks of trilobites to evoke a vision of Earth's oceans from our distant past. These creations are a testament to a brilliant mind's continued fascination in our planet's inspiring prehistory.

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Medici said...

Nice and very creative idea! :)