Monday, March 31, 2008

Paper Trilobites

Trilobite Olenoides (take 2 inspired by Bernie Peyton)

Not many of us possess the patience, skill and ingenuity of Sipho Mabona, a dexterous executor of the art known as Origami. His original designs capture the essence of the living subjects he choses to depict, and his recreation of the extinct trilobite Olenoides conveys equal vitality. Sipho has even allowed us to glimpse his creations in various stages of completion, showing us the incredible transformation from a flat sheet of paper to an impressive artwork. Despite the fact that this process is carefully documented, we are still left with a profound sense of mystery and delight when confronted with these creations' immense complexity. Sipho's devotion to his art form, and to recreating a vanished trilobite clearly show immense versatility, determination and talent.

the making of an origami trilobite

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