Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tribe of the Trilobite

For some, the trilobite has a special significance that transcends scientific meaning; the trilobite has become part of their identity. This phenomena can manifest in a variety of intensities and modalities. It could be a trilobite tattoo that signifies much more than a passing interest in paleontology. It could also be said that the desire to transform the shells of modern arthropods into trilobite effigies means that for some, simply learning about trilobites is not enough. Clearly there are those of us that take their trilobite obsession to new levels.

Is there a single attribute of trilobites that is responsible for the generation of such compulsions? Perhaps not. It could be that the combination of characteristics such as incredible diversity, an almost unmatched endurabilty, and intense beauty stirs our thoughts and hearts, allowing humans to exercise and enjoy their greatest gift, creativity.


Michel Gagne said...

What a great tattoo!

Amanda said...

*wiggles* That's my foot!