Friday, December 7, 2007

Trilobite by Josh Frankel

Artist Josh Frankel has created a beautiful comic. The subject is an informed speculation about the perils of a trilobite's daily life. Josh knows about"...the obsession with trilobites that so many of us have." He clearly wants to see more than fossils, and has worked hard to bring a bygone epoch to life.

Without words, he is able to take us back to the Cambrian oceans for a glimpse of the lives of some astonishingly alien looking creatures. Josh's speculations about these animals' behavior are purely imaginative, but are based on our understanding of fossil evidence and the habits of similarly structured, existing arthropods. These ancient animals' interactions cause the cascading events that propel the story.

These creatures lived in a world where the oceans teamed with life, but the continents were devoid of plants or animals. All of the action of this time took place in the thriving seas. Josh ran his ideas by Sam Gon III to test the plausibility of his hypotheses about the vanished world of the Cambrian ocean. His exploration of these fascinating ideas is certain to inspire readers. I'm sure that anyone with even a passing curiosity about trilobites and their contemporaries will savor every page of this gorgeous book; I know I did. Thanks Josh!


Michel Gagne said...

This comic looks awesome!

Andrew said...

I sent you one in the mail on Friday, hope it gets to ya!!

Michel Gagne said...

I got the comic today. It looks awesome. I'm going to savor it later during my bed time reading. Thanks a bunch Andrew!

Kendra said...

I've been looking around for this comic and haven't had any luck... can anyone point me in the right direction? I have a brand new 7 year old who would flip out over this!